Where is Hampta Valley?

Hampta Valley is the most fascinating region of Manali. It is also a base camp and beginning point of Hampta Pass Trek which is a famous crossover trek from Manali to Chatru in Lahaul & Spiti regions of Himachal. At am altitude of 4400 Meters, hampta pass is a high altitude blissful trek which takes you along the Jobri, Hampta and Chandra River as you come across the beautiful meadows of Chikka, Jwaara, Balu ka Ghera, Sheogru and Chatru. The magnificient peaks visible from Hampta Pass are Indraasan, Deotibba and many more. The Trek takes you along and challenges you to cross icy cold gorging rivers as they are in their full fury near monsoon and get your feet wet and will power challenged as you cross them while being knee deep immersed in them. It is considered the most stunning trek in Himachal and starts from Allan Barrage also called Jobri at Curve 40 in Hampta. 

Hampta Valley is famous for blissful stay away from the hustle bustle and traffic of Manali at an impressive altitude of 2700 Meters (9000 Feet), which is 2000 Feet above Manali town.

At night all the hotels and buildings in Manali region including Kullu Valley are visible in their full glory from our guest house in Hampta creating a mesmerizing and spell binding view, as if the stars have came down from heavens and spread themselves over the earth. It's a very good destination for night photography, astro-photography and star gazing as all the stars from the sky are visible in Hampta in glory along with the Milky Way Galaxy at this altitude.

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Hampta Valley is famous for bouldering due to its famous rock boulders near Panduropa (3kms from our guest house). Many International bouldering fests are been organised in Panduropa and Sethan Village. Apart from Bouldering, Hampta valley is also famous for Skiing, Snow Boarding, Igloo Stays and Igloo Making, Snow Drives, Tube Rides, Snow Trek, Expeditions like Deo Tibba, Indrasan and hikes like Sethan Dome, Hampta Pass, Deotibba Base, Hampta Circuit, Sethan Day Hike, Hampta Snow Trek and many more......

Hampta is the ultimate winter and summer destination and offers natural views and rejuvenation in the lap of nature without any traffic, hustle bustle, crowd and haphazhard construction. Spend your time amidst tall mountains, apple orchards and gigantic deodar trees offering the much needed fresh air and oxygen. Hike in forests, play with dogs, goats, sheeps and catch birds and wild life in your camera. Hampta has everything to offer you. It's a paradise with no comparison and nothing can match the experience of stay in Hampta. Hampta is unique, hampta is heaven.