About Us

Himalayas awaits you!

If you are looking for a paradise nestled in the mountains with breath-taking views, amazing beautiful scenery, lots of trekking and adventure options, then look no further.

We operate wooden cottage and camps at 2600 Meters (9000 feet) in Hampta Valley, merely 5 kilometers from where trek to Hampta Pass begins. Our guest house offers prestigious and mesmerizing views of Manali town along with it's snow clad peaks.

We have 3 wonderful furnished rooms and 20 camps so thus allowing us to host a gathering of more than 50 people at once.

Full mobile network and Wifi available with traditional woodfire and electric room heaters, large screen TV, wooden and semi wooden spacious rooms.

Experience Snow Treks, Adventure Tours, Corporate Tours, Trekking, Paragliding, Zipline, Rafting and trips to Himachal and Leh Ladakh.

3 feet snowfall at our guest house
Our Guest house in snow
Evening view from our guest house
our room family cottage
snow walk 
evening view manali lights
view from our roof in snow
our dogs meeting the trekkers
bonfire fun at our campsite
starry night with milky way galaxy view
monsoon view from balcon
wooden cottage room
a walk with our pet dollar
view from our rooms
manali view from our guest house
view from our balcony
roof top view
monsoon magic
walk in hampta
our camps
view from our guest house
views from our guest house
care for a sandwich
evening view
breakfast at our lawn
our balcony view
wooden cottage room
our guest house and camps
our campsite at hampta
our camps
camping fun
morning view
snow camping
wooden cottage
rooftop view
breakfast view
Hello, how are you?
balcony view
stream crossing at hampta pass trek
Camp Interior
camps interior
snow camps
4 feet snow
night view
our lawn in 4 feet snow
balcony view
balcony view
balcony view
our cottage
balcony view
road view
view from road
balcony view
lawn area
camping at our guest house
view on a snowy day
night view
view from wooden cottage room
balcony view
snowfall view
snowfall view on road
view from room
Netflix and Chill
deluxe roome
deluxe room
family deluxe room
dollar on a walk
our car park
day hikes
igloos in hampta
skiing in hampta
day hike to chikka
hampta pass trek
igloos in hampta
igloos in hampta
chikka day hike
jobri river in hampta
hampta pass crossing
snow trek in hampta
open air cafe rooftop
family deluxe room
wooden cottage
bonfire and bbq
wooden cottage room
our camps
view from our backyard
view from our balcony
balcony view
our campsite
inside camps
balcony view